Wills, Estates & Trusts in Syracuse, NY



Everyone should have one but quite often this seems to be a difficult issue to address. A Will allows you peace of mind that the assets you earned and accumulated during your lifetime will be distributed according to your wishes with as little trouble as possible for those who survive you.

A Will allows you to designate specific property to any person you wish and it allows you to exclude persons if you so choose. If you have minor children, it allows you to appoint a Guardian for the person and property of your minor children.
Last Will and Testament - Karp Law Offices in North Syracuse


We handle the probate of Estates from start to finish, working closely with Executors/Executrixes to assist them in their duties and responsibilities. This includes preparing all necessary documents, correspondence to heirs and other interested parties, preparation of accounting for all estate assets and distribution thereof.


A Trust does all that a Will does, but, in addition, it establishes a Trustee, usually a bank, to administer and distribute your assets over a period of time that you designate rather than distributing your assets all at once.

You designate how and when the proceeds of your estate should be allocated to your heirs. This becomes extremely important if you have minor children and we firmly believe you should take the time to have a Trust thoroughly explained to you.

Powers of Attorney

We will prepare a Power of Attorney for you, designating the person(s) of your choice to whom you wish to give control over all or certain areas of your life, such as banking transactions, insurance matters, etc. This document is helpful if you anticipate being unavailable to handle your routine affairs for a period of time, or in the event that you become ill or incapacitated. You can determine whether it should relate to a specific matter or whether it should give power over all matters to the person you designate. This instrument is only in full force and effect while you are alive and can be terminated at any time by you.

Health Care Proxies

This is a document that expresses your specific wishes with regard to medical treatment in the event you should become ill and incapacitated to the point where reasonable medical evaluation shows that your survival would continue only with the use of artificial means, such as breathing machines, feeding tubes, etc. Without this document, doctors and hospitals are bound to take whatever procedures are available to sustain your life, with no consideration to the quality of that life, and regardless of what your loved ones may desire. It allows you to designate a proxy, the person who would be able to make the final decision as to what treatment you should or should not receive.